Saturday, May 20, 2006

what's this browser doing so high in my top 5?

I got a surprise today when I looked up my browser stats from visitors. Internet Explorer was top dog of course, but in 2nd place was a relative newcomer over the last year - Firefox. Here's the percentages for the top 5 as they figure in my website life:

Internet Explorer - 86.3 %
Firefox - 9.5 %
Netscape - 1.4 %
Safari - 1.2 %
Opera - 0.5 %

They all have their uses. I use each one separately for different purposes:

  • Opera as a daily browser for its speed (it's 2-3 times faster than IE!)
  • Firefox for its built-in Google Page Rank and Alexa toolbar, and keyword density calculator. More about that later.
  • IE for some operations that Opera won't do for some unknown reason. For example, Opera won't allow me to add a new newsletter in my favorite autoresponder, GetResponse

  • I test every new webpage through these 3 browsers before releasing them to the world, and I recommend you run your webpages through the top 3.

    I'll be writing about many more tools in upcoming posts, but it's surprising how few you need to run a profitable internet business.

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    Ken Silver said...

    I'm really surprised Opera lags so far behind in popularity. It is indeed a superbly fast browser. But there's one problem, and I don't know whether it's intentional or not - but the 'export bookmarks' doesn't work. Hmmm.

    Ken Silver