Friday, May 19, 2006

how I got to 1st place in Google - in 24 hours

Ken Silver imageI hadn't done anything search engine related with my Honest Lotto System website for many years. Affiliates have been the prime driving force for my sales most of that time.

Consequently it was so far down on Google's search engine that I couldn't find it at all.

So last week I decided to do a couple of things to get it moving along...

1. Increase the number of keywords.
2. Redesign the website to make it more search engine friendly.

And it took just 24 hours to jump straight to 1st position!

You can get more detail on how I did it at my Copywriting Tool page... it's in the newsletter.

And welcome... this is the first post of my second blog. My other blog has been running since last year, and is How to Win At Lotto.

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