Thursday, August 24, 2006

just putting you through now...

My wife and I use the phone a lot. But she gets more calls than me. So it was very frustrating to keep answering her calls and either taking a message (I'm no secretary!) or searching through the house to find her.

The solution was remarkably easy... we each have our own phone line. But rather than having two separate phones, I decided to go to for Panasonic's PBX system, the Panasonic Digital Super Hybrid System. We've had it for nearly 2 years now, and it has given us a huge increase in efficiency and effectiveness.

For example, since we each give out our own dedicated line phone numbers, this immediately stops any message taking. If we are not in, then the message goes to our separate voicemail boxes. I don't answer her calls, nor she mine. Easy.

But there are other benefits as well... I put an extension in all our main rooms: the guest bedroom, kitchen, my wife's office, the main bedroom, my office (photo above), the garage (right) and a doorphone (below) which can be answered by any extension.

So whenever we get a call that needs to be answered by the other partner, we can transfer it through. We can also have our calls transferred to our cell phones.

In short, the system acts like the switchboard system of any small office. I couldn't do without it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ken, I purchased your Mail Order Information book the other day. Very good. I am also a Kiwi and was wondering when you were doing Mail Order did you send an invoice out for GST purposes to your customers? Or were most of the cost under $50.

What other websites have you got? Interested to see what else you are selling. Seems as though some of them are down at the moment. Lotto, Home publishing etc



Anonymous said...

Hi Darryl,

Yes, the GST was a non-issue because of the prices - they were mainly around NZ$20 back in those days.

The dead websites issue (the first in my 8 years with this host) should be resolved shortly. Go to to see sites.

Ken Silver