Monday, August 07, 2006

how to prioritize for profit

A few years ago I made some big alterations in my daily working life - and found these simple changes rewarded me with some huge benefits.

I used to start my to-do list with "essential" items that turn out to be maintenance issues only. I found there is only one thing in life that should get priority... because without it you won't have a business, a place to sleep, a car to drive, a happy and contented family and no debt.

And that is: PROFIT. So I changed my daily to-do list priorities in this way:

1. Items that make me money immediately.
2. Things that need to be fixed straight away in order to continue my moneymaking.
3. Everything else.

So everything I do now is directed towards getting PROFIT. first. Then the rest of my business life is tackled at a lesser pace as it's needed.

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