Thursday, August 03, 2006

how often should you send out a newsletter?

How often should you send out a newsletter? Most people get this wrong. The question should instead be: What should you achieve by sending out a newsletter, no matter how frequent?

Why should you send out a newsletter at all?:

1. To impart interesting information that will help your prospects and buyers make money, and,
2. To sell your main product or back ends, to make you money.

You can achieve this either by sending one newsletter a month, or one a day like me.

However, some folk don't like getting daily newsletters. But if you persist you'll find there are a lot of hidden advantages...

Let's say you manage to write one newsletter each day for years. One of the advantages is that the sheer frequency of your ongoing messages implies that you know what you're talking about... specially when you can come up with something new and interesting each newsletter.

To emphasize that, you should number your newsletters. For a long time I didn't used to number my own newsletters, but since I did - and now that we're up to almost #250 - that size alone tells my readers that I have had something to say for quite some time.

And if they don't like it, they can delete it or leave it unread. I consider it's just like watching TV... you always have the "off" button option.

But let's say that 50% of your target audience tune you out because of your daily frequency, regardless of the message. It's not the end of the world. They won't go around criticizing you on every blog and forum on the globe. They will just unsubscribe. (Or, not so good - they'll filter your message out, which makes your leaving a lot more permanent. There's not much you can do).

The other reason to increase frequency is to increase sales. So let's say each day you are contacting 50% of your list. The number of selling opportunities grows each time you do that.

And I can prove that relationship:

I sometimes miss my daily quota, and sometimes three days goes between newsletters... but one thing I've noticed - sales ALWAYS double, triple and quadruple when the newsletter goes out. Part of this is because I make a selling offer in every newsletter. But even when I don't, sales still increase.

I believe this is solely due to frequency. Try it and see.

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