Sunday, December 30, 2007

new Skype keyboard idea

Here's an idea to simplify using Skype video, which, let's face it - is not that simple for someone new to a PC.

From my observations, there is a lot of confusion when people use Skype for the first time. The layout is unduly complex, and the sequence of events is not clear - apart from the obvious ones of starting and finishing a call.

Older people especially who have not used a computer don't know which keys to use, and they have poor co-ordination using the mouse for the first week or more. The learning curve is steep.

My solution is a dedicated keyboard showing a minimum of simple buttons designed to be used in sequence from left to right.

  1. You press the Skype button to open the program or make the window live.
  2. You select your contact name with the up and down arrow buttons.
  3. You initiate the call with the green button.
  4. You stop the call with the red button.

A dedicated keyboard which eliminates pesky mouse movement and looks something like my layout would be the answer. The new keyboard could also be a part of a standard computer keyboard too.

Hope someone takes it further and runs with it.

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